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Berkeley Thai House is Proud to Offer FREE Catering Services!

Call and ask to speak with a manager! 510.841.THAI

FREE Catering

Here at Berkeley Thai House, we strive to make eating simple and enjoyable for our customers. We make catering quick and efficient by having you answer three simple questions:
  1. How many people are attending your event?
  2. What is your budget (with or without drinks)?
  3. What is the ratio of carnivores to vegetarians (we can help if you're unsure)?

Below are the guidelines for our FREE catering:

  • Order is $100.00 or more in our delivery area (see map), 24/7
    • Under $100 = $5 delivery charge
  • Payment is Cash, VISA, or Mastercard!
  • UCB POs and company checks ACCEPTED
    • Must fax PO 24 hours prior to delivery time
  • Delivers to all UC Berkeley Buildings!
  • Food comes in disposable trays and disposable "plate sets" are available upon request (factored into your total cost).
  • Quick setup on site
  • On-time delivery
  • Transportation is FREE
  • Total Cost = tax and food!

  • Top (map source: usnaviguide.com)

    Some of our satisfied catering customers include:
    Deloitte Consulting:
    Jamba Juice Corp.:
    UC Berkeley:

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    Mobile Friendly: (510)841-8424
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